Our Firm has been established to provide the contributions, obtained as a result of many years of academic studies and expertise in the commercial courts, to its clients.

Our primarily goal is to advise our clients in order to avoid possible disputes.


The protection of the interests of our clients is an opportunity for both our business and in the development of the legal doctrine. Our substantial knowledge on the foreign legal systems is our privileged advantage for illumination and direction of our clients.


Even successful businesses fail to achieve big commercial successes as a result of small legal errors. The possibility of legal errors increase when being an object of a foreign legal system. Our Firm provide the best legal services that our clients can gain from their commercial affairs without any legal error.


Most complex legal matters find the most suitable solutions. We act according to the "best practice" principle with our extensive knowledge on the material and procedural law to protect the legal interests of our clients.


Regardless of being plaintiff or defendant, we pursue and handle the cases of our clients seriously anywhere in Turkey.

When requested, we present a detailed report on a specific subject or ongoing case. Our services to our clients are not limited with legal advice and litigation.

Obtaining bureaucratic permits and approvals are among the services of our Firm. To improve our professional experience and knowledge, our Firm organizes and actively participates in national and international law studies. We also lecture in the conferences in foreign countries, especially on the Turkish legal system. The greatest achievement and reward of our Firm is the trust of our clients.

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